Welcome to Niski Clothing Company

Who are we?

Niski Clothing Company was established in Aruba on the 1 st of March of 2017.
With the main goal Niski Clothing Company strives to provide affordable and easy
accessible clothing, accessories and apparel to the Aruban community while
innovating with the ongoing modern changes of Internet shopping. Niski Clothing
Company was born as an Internet operated company where the products are only
available online in order to provide lower prices, help carry the Aruban economy,
make shopping less stressful and more modern.

By only working with small or local brands Niski Clothing Company aspires to offer
limited and constantly changing quantity. Taking in consideration the importance
of Fashion and Individuality of each unique person living on such a small Island
Niski Clothing Company is determined to offer the possibility for everyone to have
an unique piece of clothing, accessories or apparel.

By working with a simple concept Niski Clothing Company wishes to bring
shopping closer to your home, stimulate the use of e-commerce on Aruba, offer
high quality products and remain budget friendly. It is our goal and we strive to
work with brands that are environmental and animal friendly.

Brands we currently carry:

  • Cuore Intimate

  • AOA Studio

  • Fashi Apparel


















‘Did you know’

Niski actually means ‘Nobo Nobo’ or ‘Nobis Nobis’ in Papiamento which means
‘New’ or ‘Brand New’ in English. We opted to incorporate this word in our name
because we wanted to bring a new shopping experience for the Aruban
community while incorporating a word that was used back in the days on Aruba
to keep Aruba a little closer to the company.

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